Lite-On preps a 20X Serial ATA DVD burner

— 5:16 PM on January 24, 2007

The fastest recordable DVD media out there is generally rated for 16X, but that hasn't stopped a number of DVD burner manufacturers from releasing drives capable of higher burn speeds. According to a report by The Inquirer, Lite-On will soon introduce a burner that's not only rated for a maximum speed of 20X, but also uses a Serial ATA interface instead of IDE. The drive will be called the LH-20A1S, and it will come out in mid-February at a U.K. price of £32. If one takes out the British value added tax, that price should be equivalent to around $52 in the U.S. For reference, Lite-On's existing 16X Serial ATA burner, the SH-16A7S-06, is currently priced at $36.99 at Newegg.

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