AMD readies new Geode chip for UMPCs

— 9:53 AM on January 25, 2007

VIA and Intel are currently fighting it out in the Ultra-mobile PC market, but AMD has so far been largely left out of the game. According to DigiTimes, however, AMD plans to increase its presence in the UMPC sector by introducing a new Geode LX processor aimed specifically at the handheld systems.

AMD's Geode LX processors are low-power, x86-compatible chips typically used in thin clients and embedded devices. The fastest model out today, the Geode LX 800, is clocked at 500MHz and has a thermal design power rating of 3.9W. DigiTimes says AMD's UMPC-bound Geode chip will have an LX 900 model number and will run at 667MHz, although the site doesn't reveal its power consumption rating. VIA's C7-M ULV chips come in 1GHz variants with power envelopes as low as 3.5W.

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