Wii to get incremental hardware upgrades

— 11:42 AM on February 23, 2007

Nintendo will introduce incremental hardware upgrades to the Wii, according to an interview with Nintendo of America VP Perrin Kaplan on GameDaily BIZ. The site asks Kaplan whether hardware upgrades would be introduced to the Wii in a fashion similar to Nintendo's upgrade model for handheld consoles. GameDaily BIZ cites the example of the GameBoy Advance, which Nintendo re-launched as the GameBoy Advance SP, as well as the Nintendo DS, which was re-introduced as the DS Lite about a year ago. Kaplan replies, "Sure, absolutely. You'll see the ways in which we do that."

Nintendo already announced last year that it plans to introduce an updated Wii with DVD playback capability in the second half of this year. Kaplan suggests DVD playback may not be the only thing on Nintendo's roadmap for future Wii revisions. "There are always lots of things in the future," she says. (Thanks to DailyTech for the link.)

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