R600 derivatives to support GDDR4 RAM, PCIe 2.0?

— 11:15 AM on February 26, 2007

Hong Kong-based hardware site HKEPC has gotten its hands on a few nuggets of information regarding a rumored ATI RV630 graphics processor, which the site says will be AMD's mid-range DirectX 10 solution.

According to HKEPC, the RV630 will roll out in three different forms: a high-end model dubbed "Konhinoor" will have up to 512MB of GDDR4 memory, a 128-bit memory interface, PCI Express 2.0 support, native CrossFire support, video input support, and 121-128W power consumption. A derivative code-named "Orloff" will have similar features but no video input support, only 256MB of GDDR3 memory, and power consumption of less than 93W. Finally, a third derivative known as "Sefadu" will have no PCIe 2.0 support, no CrossFire support, no video input, up to 512MB of GDDR2 RAM, and <75W power consumption.

HKEPC says "Sefadu" will arrive in May, but that it hasn't heard of a release time frame for the other two RV630 flavors. All three variants will supposedly be based on 65nm process technology, though. That could give them a power consumption edge over Nvidia's rumored mid-range DirectX 10 solution, the G84, which is said to be based on an 80nm process.

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