The French explained

— 12:20 AM on September 18, 2000

Troy Loney sent along a fascinating news bit about our favorite cheese-eating surrender monkeys, the French. According to a recent print issue of Science News, a protozoan parasite that can cause rats to lose their natural wariness around cats may also infect humans:

The parasite can infect many types of mammals but reproduces only in a few. In people, a latent infection can flair up and cause mental decline. Now, the researchers speculate that low-grade infections may result in more subtle effects, such as odd behavior and IQ dips. They estimate that the parasite infects 22 percent of UK residents and 88 percent of the French.
I'm sure this thing has something to do with general snobishness, the fine engineering coming out of Citroen, and an odd compulsion to surrender. Don't believe it? Click here for proof. It's a lock, folks. (Credit SA for digging up that last link.)

Speaking of dimwits, the best argument yet for voting Bush-Cheney hit the wire not long ago. Here's hoping they pick France.

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