GeForce 8600 cards to come out on April 17?

— 2:21 PM on March 2, 2007

Yesterday, VR-Zone reported that a number of GeForce 7-series graphics cards would hit end of life status on April 28, suggesting that Nvidia plans to release some GeForce 8-series replacements before that date. Well, the site now says Nvidia will introduce its first mainstream GeForce 8 derivatives on April 17.

We've heard various rumors regarding mainstream GeForce 8 cards over the past few weeks, but VR-Zone claims that Nvidia will launch three models on April 17: a $199-249 GeForce 8600 GTS, a $149-169 GeForce 8600 GT, and a $79-99 GeForce 8500 GT. All three cards will reportedly pack 256MB of memory, and the GeForce 8600 models will have 128-bit memory buses. The site even quotes core and memory speeds, although if the launch is indeed a month and a half away, those specs are naturally liable to change. According to VR-Zone, the GeForce 8600 GTS will run at 700MHz with 1GHz memory, the GeForce 8600 GT will be clocked at 600MHz/700MHz, and the GeForce 8500 GT will have speeds of 450MHz/400MHz.

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