OCZ announces 1.01kW GameXStream PSU

— 1:54 AM on March 13, 2007

After expanding its GameXStram power supply lineup with an 850W model in November last year, OCZ has now struck again. This time, the company has introduced a model with a power rating of over a kilowatt—1010W, to be precise. Despite its monster power rating, the new unit shares the same characteristics as OCZ's other GameXStream power supplies. Namely, it features quadruple +12V rails, active power factor correction, 80% efficiency, cooling via a single 120mm fan, and Nvidia SLI certification. Unfortunately, the unit also shares the GameXStream lineup's three-year warranty, which may be a little short for some—especially with competitors and even OCZ itself offering five-year warranties on some of their power supplies. Nonetheless, the 1.01kW GameXStream might be a welcome choice for users with unusually power-hungry systems who are looking for quiet and efficient PSU.

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