Terabyte Seagate hard drive to arrive in April?

— 2:01 PM on March 30, 2007

Seagate told us about three months ago that it planned to deliver a 3.5" hard drive with a capacity of 1TB during the first half of this year. With the first quarter almost over, it's probably fair to assume Seagate will introduce the drive in the second quarter, but the firm has not announced any specific date or time frame. However, the guys at Chilehardware have learned—although they don't say how—that the drive will become available at the end of April. They say it will be part of a new Barracuda 7200.11 series and sport four platters, eight heads, a 7200-RPM spindle speed, and 16MB of cache. It will also use perpendicular recording technology, just like Seagate's existing 7200.10 Barracuda lineup.

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