CVG sneaks an early peek at Unreal Tournament 3

— 3:33 PM on March 30, 2007

Yesterday, ComputerAndVideoGames related its experiences with Valve's upcoming Team Fortress 2. The site has now posted a preview of another eagerly-anticipated multiplayer game, Epic's Unreal Tournament 3. The preview focuses more on the single-player aspect of the game, which Epic has made more elaborate than in previous Unreal Tournament games.

As the developer previously disclosed, UT3's single-player game will have a real storyline, and it will pair players with teammates that behave like real people with personalities. According to CVG's preview, "There'll be four main characters in your team, with plenty of verbal sparring, neat dialogue and personal tics crammed in." The game also makes the concept of players respawning every which way more plausible. "The key piece of military technology in this time is the 'respawner', which allows military forces to come back to life over and over. What that's done is changed military combat from being between large armies to being between small units of highly trained soldiers," says Epic lead designer Steve Polge.

Gameplay-wise, CVG says Unreal Tournament's arsenal has remained mostly intact, and that vehicles have gained new abilities—one of the tanks, for instance, can crouch. (And no, that's not nearly as far-fetched as it might seem.) Overall, CVG says UT3 "delivers instant exhilaration" and that the game "really likes being fun."

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