Nvidia readies 'GPU computing' cards

— 4:17 PM on April 2, 2007

AMD's Stream Processor will finally get a direct competitor from Nvidia in June, according to a report by TheStreet.com. The green team will apparently take its current top-of-the-line graphics processor—the G80—and re-launch it under a new brand aimed squarely at general-purpose number crunching. Nvidia's upcoming GPU computing business will focus on the high-performance computing market, where systems are used for applications like simulating nuclear blasts, uncovering oil and gas deposits, and running financial models.

Nvidia's intentions are hardly surprising; the company has been playing up the G80's 128 "stream processors" since the GeForce 8800 launch last year, and it released a software development kit for its general-purpose computing application programming interface—CUDA—back in February. According to TheStreet.com, Nvidia expects the introduction of a dedicated general-purpose graphics processor to help its professional business group grow from a $500 million business to a $1 billion operation by mid-2009. (Thanks to TR reader Maurice for the link.)

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