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— 12:17 AM on September 25, 2000

At long, long last, it's time for a new TR poll. Our previous poll asked the very serious question, "Should we include a goofy option in our poll choices?" "Yes" and "No" wound up in a statistical dead heat, with "Yes" (15%) just edging out "No" (14%). The clear, juggernaut winner, however, was "Pickle" with a commanding 70% of the vote. You can see the exact results here.

I suppose that settles something, but I don't know what.

Anyhow, our next poll (which actually came online a few days ago) turns toward the U.S. election season, asking who the next President ought to be...

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Vote early and often, folks. I'll be interested to see who the TR crowd picks.

Oh, and to those of you thinking we didn't include a goofy option in our poll this time around, look again: We included both Nader and Hagelin.

UPDATE: I messed up this poll... all the Bush votes were counting for Gore. I've locked this one down, but a new poll will be online shortly. Thanks to Dean Manning for catching my stupid mistake.

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