TR reviews the Antec SX-830 ATX case

— 12:20 AM on September 25, 2000

I have to admit, I didn't much like the looks of Antec's KS-188 case. (See the pics in our review.) I'm no iMac-loving industrial design fetishist, but I like my Pee Cees to look clean, decent, and sharp. Nothing says "home-built" like five different colors of beige faceplates inside some stanky-looking case.

The latest from Antec, though, looks much better. With a screw-free, slide-off side panel and looks that will make a snooty Dell owner envious, the SX-830 is a prime candidate for anybody looking to build a new PC in a mid-sized case. To make your choice easy, Azonic has written up a full review of the SX-830 for you, complete with a product ranking on our world-famous eleven-point scale. Go have a look.

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