Internet2 speed record broken twice in two days

— 3:54 PM on April 26, 2007

Researchers working with the University of Tokyo say they managed to break the speed record for the fastest data transmission on the Internet2 high-speed network twice in two consecutive days, as SFGate reports.

The first day, the researchers successfully sent data at 7.76Gbps, or a whopping 970MB/s. But they tried again the next day using "modified protocols," and this time, SFGate says, they were able to hit a speed of 9.08Gbps. That's 1.14GB/s, which is 17% faster than the speed they hit the day before and 30% faster than the previous record of 6.96Gbps (870MB/s) achieved in November 2005. But these data transmissions weren't done across a lab, a University campus, or even the same country. No, the speed was achieved across a 20,000-mile (32,187km) data path running between Chicago and Tokyo, Japan. The Internet2 network's theoretical bandwidth limit is 10Gbps (1.25GB/s).

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