Gigabyte motherboard cranks DDR3 to 2080MHz

— 3:02 AM on May 23, 2007

The first DDR3 modules are starting to come out at speeds of 1066MHz and 1333MHz, but Gigabyte has let us know of a memory overclocking record attained with one of its P35-based motherboards that puts those stock speeds to shame. The board in question is a P35T-DQ6, which oddly enough isn't listed on Gigabyte's own product page along with the seven P35 boards it introduced yesterday. Nonetheless, Gigabyte boasts that the P35T-DQ6 was able to crank a 1GB module of Micron DDR3-1066 memory with from its stock 1066MHz to a blazing fast 2080MHz with 10-10-10-24 latency timings. That overclock was achieved with a yet-unreleased Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 processor, which was pushed from its stock speed of 3GHz to 3.64GHz via a 519.99MHz front-side bus speed. Considering the highest FSB speed we've seen in our labs is 490MHz, that 520MHz overclock is impressive indeed.

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