Quake Wars beta to kick off this week

— 11:53 AM on June 19, 2007

We've spotted a blog post by Splash Damage community relations manager Steve Hessel that says the Quake Wars: Enemy Territory public beta will kick off in the middle of this week. Hessel's blog post, which is up on the official Enemy Territory community site, says a total of 60,000 public beta keys will be made available over a period of five days. Those keys will be distributed through a Quake Wars mini-site hosted on FilePlanet, with half the keys to be exclusive to FilePlanet subscribers and the other half to be made available to folks who register a free FilePlanet account.

A limited number of subscribers can already receive keys as we speak as part of a "sneak peek" phase. If the sneak peek phase goes well, Splash Damage will start by distributing keys to FilePlanet subscribers over the course of three days. After that, anyone with a free FilePlanet account will be able to obtain a key for a period of two days.

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