Intel's X38 chipset to support SLI?

— 10:06 AM on June 27, 2007

At Computex earlier this month, motherboard makers made no secret of the fact that Intel's upcoming X38 Express chipset will support AMD CrossFire multi-GPU setups. That may not be the whole story, though. The folks at The Inquirer say the X38 will also work with Nvidia SLI configurations, making it a sort of multi-GPU jack of all trades. Nvidia has vehemently denied that the X38 will support SLI, but The Inq claims to know for a fact that the contrary is true. Anonymous "engineers" tell the site that SLI drivers for the X38 are "in the final state of polishing with a few bugs left to quash, but plenty of time remains to finish things up."

Based on what we've heard, X38 Express-based motherboards should start rolling out in August or September.

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