Turbo Memory not headed to desktops before 2008

— 1:46 PM on June 29, 2007

Turbo Memory, Intel's flash-based caching hardware, made its first foray into notebooks as part of Intel's new Santa Rosa notebook platform last month. The technology is scheduled to hit desktops in the future, too, but The Inquirer reports that we shouldn't see Turbo Memory-powered desktop systems anytime before next year. The Inq quotes a statement from Intel that plainly says, "Intel Turbo Memory for the desktop is on schedule for Q1 2008."

Judging by reports we've heard earlier this month, Turbo Memory may have a hard time finding its niche on the desktop. Whereas the technology promises higher battery life, shorter boot times, and better performance in notebooks, motherboard manufacturers told DigiTimes the performance gains offered by Turbo Memory on the desktop were insignificant and that it may only attract high-end users.

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