TR reviews FrontX's Multimedia Ports

— 12:04 AM on October 5, 2000

Browse down the PC aisle at Best Buy, and you'll see that a number of retail PCs are now coming standard with front-mounted ports for audio, USB, and the like. It's a good idea, and for some types of connectors, it's the only port placement that really makes sense. What's a do-it-yourself PC builder to do? Go buy an eMachine?

Perish the thought.

Instead, have a look at Victor "groovyOne" Chen's review of FrontX's Multimedia Ports, a modular port extender that will let you bring myriad combinations of ports and connectors to the front of your computer. It's a heckuva deal, too, at under 30 bucks. And believe me, it's better than dealing with eMachines.

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