Classic Shortbread

— 3:48 PM on October 9, 2000

  • The Register reports on rumors of a Dell-AMD marriage. This is unconfirmed at this time but with a series of miscues by Intel, I think this is inevitable. As AMDZone's Chris Tom likes to say, "maybe they have learned their lesson."
  • Tom's Hardware on the SiS630S: an alternative to Intel's i815e chipset. Van Smith does the review but there is only one Thomas Pabst.
  • AnandTech does a Linux video card comparison. NVIDIA is still solidly entrenched in the lead.
  • Penstar Systems previews 3dfx VoodooTV. It sports a digital tuning device.
  • Nextgame does an interview with Star Wars: Episode I - Obi-Wan's Stephen Shaw. No translator needed since it is in English.
  • iXBT Labs is reporting that there will be 32mb versions of NVIDIA's GeForce 2 Ultra in addition to the 64mb version due to the shortage of fast (enough) memory chips.
  • Sharky has a high end video card shootout. They also seem to be having server problems.
  • Head on over to the [H]ard|OCP for screenies of the Abit VP6. I might have to get one myself.
  • Looks like this Christmas may very well be dreamy.
  • Study predicts chip industry to stay in high gear until 2002. The early word on tech stocks.
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