Lenovo slips ahead of Acer in global PC market

— 4:54 PM on September 6, 2007

Nearly three years after snatching IBM's PC division, Lenovo has become the world's third-biggest PC vendor, according to a report by iSuppli. The market research firm says Lenovo shipped 4.9 million PCs worldwide in the second quarter of this year, placing it above Acer (4.2 million) and Toshiba (2.6 million) but below Dell (9.5 million) and HP (11.2 million). Overall, Lenovo held 7.9% of the global PC market in the second quarter, compared to 18.3% for HP, 15.5% for Dell, 6.8% for Acer, and 4.2% for Toshiba.

iSuppli says Lenovo's performance is due to high demand in the Chinese market, which contributed to a whopping 22.9% sequential increase in Lenovo's shipments between the first quarter and the second. That growth contrasted with a 0.2% sequential decrease in shipments for Lenovo's rival Acer. As a whole, the PC market saw a 1.7% decline in shipments in Q2, but HP and Dell nonetheless enjoyed growth of 4.4% and 5.6%, respectively.

Lenovo may have the number three spot now, but the company might hold it for very long. With Acer set to buy out both Gateway and Packard Bell, iSuppli estimates that the Taiwanese PC vendor will see a growth in market share of around 2.5%—enough to push it past Lenovo.

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