Eee PC to lower laptop, UMPC prices

— 3:34 PM on September 7, 2007

The affordable, ultra-portable notebook Asustek introduced at Computex and plans to launch this month could lower prices for other mobile systems, according to a report by DigiTimes. The Taiwanese site's sources at notebook manufacturers say that even Intel expects Asustek's Eee PC to have a "significant impact" on both Asustek's notebook business and the notebook industry as a whole.

The Eee PC is expected to launch at prices ranging from $199 to $369. It will feature a cut-down Linux operating system, an 8" display, an Intel Celeron-M processor, and solid-state storage. DigiTimes' sources suggest Intel may have to re-think pricing for its upcoming Menlow mobile internet device platform as a result of the Eee PC's introduction.

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