Sony to intro 40GB PlayStation 3 at $399.99?

— 4:35 PM on September 10, 2007

Two months ago, Sony shaved $100 off the price of its 60GB PlayStation 3 and introduced a new $599.99 model with an 80GB hard drive. A report by Ars Technica suggests the Japanese company may now be preparing to cut the price of the 80GB model to $499.99 and to introduce a new 40GB version of the console priced at $399.99. Word comes from a source who reportedly got two previous stories spot-on, so the site believes the information to be credible.

As Ars says, Sony cutting the price of the 80GB console wouldn't be particularly surprising, but a $399.99 PS3 would definitely be more interesting. Such a product could be a tantalizing alternative to the $349.99 Xbox 360 "Premium" this holiday season, since Sony would be offering a comparable system with 20GB of extra storage capacity and a Blu-ray drive for just $50 more.

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