AMD to deliver three-, four-way CrossFire

— 11:45 AM on October 12, 2007

Yesterday, we reported on rumors of a three-way SLI multi-GPU implementation from Nvidia. However, Nvidia may not be the only company with a three-way multi-GPU offering in the works. VR-Zone reports that AMD is cooking up a new technology called "CrossFire X" that will enable CrossFire configurations with three and even four graphics cards.

The site has posted two logos as proof: one reads, "ATI CrossFire X Technology," and the other, "ATI CrossFire X Certified." Indeed, considering the motherboard and power requirements for three- or four-way multi-GPU setups, a CrossFire X certification would make sense. Logos aside, VR-Zone also quotes performance scaling information for CrossFire X. Supposedly, three-way setups will offer 2.6 times the performance of a single card, while the site quotes a mysterious "3.(?)x" figure for four-way setups.

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