OCZ introduces lower-power, 500W power supply

— 9:15 AM on October 24, 2007

Mirroring fellow memory maker Corsair, which rolled out cheaper 450W and 550W power supplies this summer, OCZ has expanded its enthusiast power supply lineup to include a new, lower-power model. OCZ's new baby is the StealthXStream 500W, a lower-wattage cousin of the StealthXStream 600W, which was itself a cheaper variant of the GameXStream 600W.

Like its big brother, the StealthXStream 500W features a black casing and relies on a single 120mm fan for cooling. OCZ quotes the same rail specifications for the 500W and 600W units, i.e. four +12V rails all rated for 18A of current output. And of course, the 500W PSU offers the same 80% rated efficiency (83% for 230V input power), active power factor correction, and three-year warranty coverage as its predecessor. There's a little extra perk, though: OCZ says the 500W unit is its first to have been designed in collaboration with PC Power & Cooling's Power Management deivision.

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