Red Hat rolls out Fedora 8 Linux distribution

— 5:05 PM on November 8, 2007

Despite its striking popularity, Ubuntu Linux isn't the only big Linux distribution around. Fedora, which is developed by a community known as the Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat, also has a strong following. Ars Technica reports that Fedora 8, the latest version of Fedora, is now available to download.

The Fedora 8 desktop. Source: The Fedora Project.

Like Ubuntu, Fedora 8 is based on the Gnome desktop environment by default, and it's intended to be user-friendly and accessible. Ars says Fedora 8 adds new features like a sound daemon dubbed PulseAudio that allows users to change the sound volume for different applications independently, much like in Windows Vista. There's also PolicyKit, a new authentication system that fragments privileges to prevent applications that need "root" access from gaining complete access to a machine, and Nodoka, a new user interface style that applies a consistent blue and beige look to the desktop. Fedora includes support for Vista-like visual effects via Compiz, as well, but the feature isn't enabled by default.

Fedora 8 can be downloaded from this page on the Fedora site, and a more complete list of the new distro's features is available here.

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