Xbox 360 HD DVD drive dips to $129.99

— 1:30 PM on December 5, 2007

Outfitting your PC, media center machine, or Xbox 360 with an HD DVD drive is now cheaper than ever. As Engadget reports, the price of Microsoft's HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 has dropped to $129.99 at some online stores. Engadget names Amazon and Toys R Us in particular, although Amazon still listed the drive for $179.99 when we looked. Folks who head to the Toys R Us website can indeed nab the drive for just $129.98, however.

The Xbox 360 HD DVD drive launched at $199 last year and dropped to $179 in July. Microsoft designed it to hook up to Xbox 360 consoles via a simple USB interface, which also allows it to be used with standard PCs. You'll need a recent graphics card with HDCP support to play back HD DVDs on a PC, though.

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