Former MIPS Chief Technology Officer joins AMD

— 9:58 AM on December 10, 2007

Almost a year ago in the aftermath of its buyout of ATI, AMD unveiled its vision for the future of microprocessors. The company asserted that it didn't believe in piling increasing numbers of identical cores onto chips, and that it was instead working on "accelerated processing units"—processors that include a mix of traditional x86 cores and specialized processors designed to accelerate specific applications.

Since then, attention from users and the press has drifted somewhat to the company's more immediate plans, especially regarding its financial hardships and quad-core processors. However, AMD still seems as intent as ever on carrying out its vision. Today, the company says it has hired industry veteran Mike Uhler as its first ever Vice President of Accelerated Computing. Uhler has 34 computer architecture and design patents to his name, and his 30-year career spans positions as Senior Consulting Engineer for Digital Equipment Corp, Director of Engineering for Silicon Graphics, and most recently, Chief Technology Officer of MIPS Technologies.

As AMD's VP of Accelerated Computing, Uhler will contribute to the company's Accelerated Computing R&D program, whose focus is to accelerate specific tasks through the use of both discrete co-processors on-chip accelerator cores. AMD CTO and Senior VP Phil Hester explains, "Customers are asking for design innovations that apply hardware and software more directly toward a set of workloads, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Mike furthers AMD's design leadership by applying that philosophy to our Accelerated Computing vision and I welcome him aboard."

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