Abit SA6R reviewed at PC Scoop

— 10:59 AM on October 23, 2000

It looks like the folks over at PC Scoop have finished their review of the Abit SA6R (Abit's new mobo for those of you that live under rocks). If you're interested in what they have to say about this new 815e chipset mobo, then head on over. And for you lazy people, here's a morsel:

One really nice thing about the 815E chipset is the fact that it supports ATA100, ATA66, and ATA33 drives. In conjunction with the HPT370 controller, you can have a total of eight ATA100 drives. Just amazing that not long ago, having ATA66 support was a big deal and now there are boards on the market that will support eight ATA100 drives. Very nice! The built in sound and video that the 815E chipset provides is also a nice bonus. But, more on that in a few...
PC Scoop, indeed.
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