D-Link DPG-1200 puts YouTube on your TV

— 10:35 AM on January 7, 2008

Consumer networking equipment maker D-Link has a plethora of new products on display at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. Many have already been announced and have even have time to hit stores, but there are a couple of exceptions, such as D-Link's upcoming MediaLouge DPG-1200 device.

The DPG-1200's selling point is that it allows folks to display streaming Internet videos—be they from YouTube, Google Video, or other sites—on their TVs. One can network the DPG-1200 via either Wi-Fi (802.11g) or an Ethernet cable, and the device connects to TVs with either RCA or VGA inputs. Supported resolutions include 1280 x 720 for photos and 720 x 576 for video, and the DPG-1200 can behave as a mirror of the PC display or as an extension of it. As a consequence, the device can also display video content from DVDs and media files from any media player software.

The DPG-1200 and its bundled remote. Source: D-Link.

Along with the DPG-1200, D-Link is showcasing its new D-Life service, which will let users manage compatible devices through a web interface on the D-Life website. To set up a new D-Life-compatible device, D-Link says the user will simply need to set up a user account on d-life.com, add the product by entering two product codes, and connect the device to his home network.

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