OCZ touts bigger, meaner Vendetta processor cooler

— 11:41 AM on March 12, 2008

Aside from memory products, power supplies, and brain-control thingies, OCZ also dabbles in cooling hardware. The company has made another stride in that area with the introduction of the Vendetta 2 processor cooler—a bigger and meaner version of the original.

The Vendetta 2's main selling point over its predecessor is its use of a 120mm fan, which is larger (and presumably quieter) than the Vendetta's 92mm fan. The two coolers otherwise share the same tower-style design and three copper heat pipes, but the Vendetta 2 measures 120 x 50 x 159 mm (4.72" x 1.97" x 6.26") to the Vendetta's 97 x 79 x 134 mm (3.82" x 3.11" x 5.28"). In other words, the Vendetta 2 is taller and wider, but not quite as deep. Still, the large surface area of Vendetta 2's aluminum fins coupled with a rubber-damped 120mm fan should make it a quiet and efficient cooler.

The Vendetta 2 is launching with mounting hardware that's compatible with AMD 754, 939, and AM2 sockets as well as Intel's LGA775. OCZ covers the heatsink with a two-year warranty, but it doesn't quote a price in its press release. Considering the original Vendetta can be had for $26.99 at Newegg, the new model probably won't break the bank.

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