Video card truffles

— 9:08 AM on November 9, 2000

This can be considered an addendum to "The Damage Report." Video card truffles: assorted drivers, BIOS updates, and review.

Second helpings

  • NVIDIA Detonator 7.17 drivers for Win 9x/Me and Win2k at Zoiah's (7.17 driver may require DirectX 8)
  • Updated NVIDIA Detonator driver comparisons spotted on VR-Zone (Celeron 566@850), Digit-Life (Pentium III 1 GHz), and ApusHardware (Athlon 800 MHz)
  • TimmyC's Nvidia Reg Patch 2.8 from Tweak Files
  • Andrew Charnley's NVmax 0.954 with the following fixes:
    AGP FastWrites (Win9x & Win2k) *FINAL FIX*

    IronGate 2X (Win2k) *FINAL FIX*

    IronGate SBA (Win9x & Win2k) *FINAL FIX*

    AGP rate selector (Win9x & Win2k) *FINAL FIX*

    Custom LOD Bias Adjust from -256 to +256.

    W-Buffer option for programs which support it.

    W-Buffer 32 and 16 bit colour selector.

    Uses only 61% of memory used by previous NVmax versions.

  • ATi beta 4.12.7020 driver for Win9x/Me from 3D Chipset
  • ATi beta 5.12.7020 drivers for Win2K from 3D Chipset
  • 3dfx Win9x/Me 1.06.00 WHQL driver for the Voodoo 3 2000/3000 AGP/PCI card from 3dfx Gamers
  • VIA 4.03e AGP driver from VIAhardware: latest 'official' driver which installs correctly in WinMe
  • Abit KT7/KT7-RAID beta UZ bios dated November 8
  • Abit KT7-RAID UL bios embedded with HPT370 RAID 1.0.3b1 (dated November 6)
  • HighPoint's HPT370 RAID device driver updates (1.03 drivers)
  • FiringSquad's Evil Kyro review (PowerVR)
  • Rojak Pot's BIOS optimization guide updated to 5.32
Check out what's cooking on Rojak Pot's front page:
Ryu Connor sent me updated links to Microsoft articles regarding the following BIOS features :-
  • PnP OS Installed
  • IDE HDD Block Mode
  • 32-bit Disk Access
So, if you are interested in knowing what Microsoft has to say about those BIOS settings, then check out the links to the articles!
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