Xbox 360 dropping to $299.99 next Sunday

— 6:00 AM on July 10, 2008

As PC graphics cards drift further and further from current-generation console GPUs in terms of features and horsepower, consoles continue to come down in price. After launching at $399.99 in late 2005 and slipping to $349.99 last summer, Microsoft's Xbox 360 now seems to be due for another cut.

Thanks to a cooperative GameStop manager, Engadget has gotten hold of internal documents that mention a "new low price" of $299.99 for the Xbox 360. One of the documents has a picture of the console bundle that shows a wireless controller, component cables, wired headset, and Ethernet cable. Another document also mentions an SKU number 020253, which refers to the current Xbox 360 system on Gamestop's site.

If Engadget's source is correct, the price cut will take effect on July 13. The site claims the stripped-down Xbox 360 Arcade package will remain priced at $279.99, however.

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