EA shows Rage, Mirror's Edge, Red Alert 3 at E3

— 11:42 AM on July 15, 2008

As the revamped E3 rolls on in Los Angeles, videos of shiny future games keep slipping onto the Web. Several of them have caught our eye.

For starters, id Software gave attendees another peek at Rage, its next-generation title based in an entirely new universe. A high-definition trailer is up at Shackvideo and shows about 40 seconds of gameplay. If you're wondering why there's an Electronic Arts logo at the start of the trailer, it's because EA will be publishing the title.

Moving on, DICE showed off chunks of Mirror's Edge at the EA press conference. You can view a new high-def trailer of the futuristic free-running game over at Shackvideo, and Gametrailers hosts a live gameplay demo with developer narration. The narrator says you can beat Mirror's Edge "without firing a single bullet."

EA also has the forthcoming Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 in its bag of tricks, and a new video showcasing the title is up at Shackvideo. The game's Japanese faction stars in that video.

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