TR's post-Comdex processor update

— 1:20 AM on November 20, 2000

It's Pentium 4 launch day, and we've got something a bit unique. No, we're not offering a P4 review, but we do have a processor tech update based on what we learned at Comdex from both Intel and AMD. On the Intel side, we have a brief overview of the Pentium 4, what makes it tick, and what we think its prospects are.

On the AMD end of things, we've got several hot items:

  • The scoop on the real launch date for the AMD 760MP chipset
  • Full AMD roadmaps to the end of 2001
  • Video of the 760MP chipset running in SMP
  • Video of AMD's PowerNow technology in action
Check it all out in our Post-Comdex processor update.
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