Bionic Commando to get PhysX augmentation

— 10:01 AM on August 11, 2008

Nvidia has just snagged another game title for its PhysX physics acceleration technology.  The upcoming total remake of Bionic Commando will have fancy smoke, swirling dust, and more flying bits courtesy of GPU-accelerated physics.  Quoth the press release:

SANTA CLARA, CA—AUGUST 11, 2008—CAPCOM Co., Ltd., GRIN Entertainment, and NVIDIA® Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the world leader in visual computing technologies, today jointly announced that CAPCOM’s upcoming Bionic Commando video game will use GPU-accelerated NVIDIA PhysX™ technology to enhance the game’s debris, smoke, dust, and weapon effects. Bionic Commando, which will be released by GRIN in early 2009, is one of many titles to take advantage of NVIDIA PhysX technology, interactive entertainment’s most pervasive physics engine.

This is not, by the way, the Bionic Commando Rearmed faux-retro rework of the original game but a new, fully 3D game that looks very nice.

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