Microsoft preps laptop mice with new sensor

— 12:01 PM on August 27, 2008

If you visit Microsoft's peripherals site right now, you'll see a teaser for what sounds like a new series of mice. The teaser video shows people using their mice on a variety of different surfaces, and it mentions "the technology that will go anywhere you do." At the end, the teaser shows a pattern of blue eye-shaped areas on a black background and says simply, "9.9.08 Say Goodbye to Laser."

Without giving Microsoft time to reveal specifics, the team at Engadget has dug up some dirt (and a couple of photos) on an upcoming Microsoft mouse. The mouse looks to be of the wireless kind, and it has a blue glow coming out of both its optical sensor and a ring under the edges of the mouse.

According to Engadget, this Blue Track mouse will feature "a blue LED combined with a wide-angle lens that's supposed to work on more surfaces than laser and optical [mice]." The site goes on to say Microsoft will aim the technology at laptop mice only, which makes sense considering laser and red-LED mice work just fine on the majority of desks.

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