OCZ unleashes red-and-black Fatal1ty PSUs

— 6:00 AM on November 26, 2008

After graphics cards, sound cards, memory, and miscellaneous peripherals, pro-gaming celebrity Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel has managed to stick his moniker on a line of power supplies. OCZ's freshly announced Fatal1ty PSUs come in 400W, 550W, and 700W flavors, and according to OCZ, they were "co-developed with the expertise of [Wendel]. . . to meet the specific needs of fellow gamers." Oh my.

As you might expect, the units have a somewhat garish red-and-black color scheme. A red LED even illuminates the bottom 120mm fan as well as a cut-out Fatal1ty logo below the label. Specifications look pretty good, though: all three PSUs have 80 Plus certification, the 550W model has modular cabling, and OCZ covers the 700W part with a five-year warranty (the others have three-year coverage). Oh, and the two highest-wattage offerings have SLI certification from Nvidia.

Interestingly, the 700W Fatal1ty PSU has only a single 12V rail with a massive 672W power delivery rating. If that sounds familiar, it's because PC Power & Cooling (which OCZ now owns) has long flaunted high-end enthusiast PSUs with single 12V rails—a design it claims to be superior. OCZ stuck with dual-rail designs for the 400W and 550W Fatal1ty units, however.

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