OCZ intros new mid-range SSDs

— 6:00 AM on January 14, 2009

If there's one thing OCZ doesn't skimp on, it's product diversity. The company has added yet another item to its growing line of solid-state drives: the Apex series. OCZ says these new drives fit in the center of its SSD range, right between the high-end Vertex series and the more affordable Core line.

Apex SSDs are launching in three flavors, all with 2.5" form factors and 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces. The cheapest offering has a 60GB capacity and a $200 suggested retail price, but users will also be able to choose a 120GB, $370 model or a 250GB variant with a (much) more intimidating $830 price tag.

According to OCZ, Apex SSDs feature an "internal RAID 0 architecture" with an "updated controller design" that allows them to reach speeds of 230MB/s for reads and 160MB/s for writes. The firm also flaunts a 1.5-million-hour mean time between failures rating, even though it still only offers two years of warranty coverage.

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