Major Coppermine snafu?

— 12:41 PM on December 1, 1999

Intel's new Coppermine CPUs may have a rather serious bug (erm.. "erratum"). JC's was the first place to report the possibility of a bug in an anyonymous reader letter. The letter, allegedly from a Dell employee, offered "very little info on this yet except that failure mode appears between power-up, power-down cycles as an intermittent lock-up" The Register followed up on the lead, and now Intel and Dell have confirmed there is a problem:

Chip giant Intel has confirmed that it found a bug (erratum) in its .18 micron Coppermine processor which has caused it to tighten up its quality control procedures.

And now Dell US has confirmed that it has put a temporary stop on shipping its GX10 PC range because of the problem.

Some Coppermine processors intermittently seize up between power-up and power-down cycles. The problem applies only to some Coppermine processors.

If you're the proud owner of a new 733MHz PIII, may I suggest installing Linux, so you never have to power down and reboot?
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