Look out for new Radeons in April, May

— 12:28 PM on February 17, 2009

AMD has a couple of new graphics processors lined up for the second quarter, according to VR-Zone. The Singapore-based tech site has posted two reports forecasting both a high-end Radeon HD 4890 and a pair of more affordable Radeon HD 4700 cards.

The cooler on this Radeon HD 4890 should conceal a new RV790 GPU clocked at 850MHz plus some 975MHz GDDR5 memory. For reference, AMD's current single-GPU top of the line—the Radeon HD 4870—runs at 750MHz with its memory clocked at 900MHz (for an effective 3600MT/s). The 4890 will come out in mid-April, and AMD will follow up later that month with a higher-clocked "OC edition" priced at $299, VR-Zone writes.

What about the low end? In May, VR-Zone says AMD will put a new 40nm RV740 GPU to work in $119 Radeon HD 4770 and $99 Radeon HD 4750 graphics cards. The former will purportedly have 800MHz GDDR5 memory, which would be a first, since only the 4870 and 4870 1GB currently use that memory type. VR-Zone doesn't seem to have caught wind of more details, though.

If the name "Radeon HD 4750" sounds familiar, it's no wonder. As we heard earlier this month, a file in AMD's Catalyst 9.1 driver release mentions a 4750 based on the old RV630 GPU that powers Radeon HD 3600-series offerings. Perhaps VR-Zone has the name wrong, or the INF file entry is a subtle form of misdirection at play. We'll probably find out in the coming months.

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