New 45nm Pentium could be Celeron replacement

— 2:53 PM on March 9, 2009

Intel secured the performance crown with its Core i7 processors last November, and it's readying more affordable quad-core derivatives later this year. But what about the bottom end of the market? While perusing Intel's online processor finder, the folks at Alien Babel Tech have uncovered a listing for an unreleased Pentium E3200 processor.

This 45nm CPU apparently runs at 2.6GHz (although the listed L2 cache speed and bus-to-core ratio suggest 2.4GHz), and it features 1MB of L2 cache, an 800MHz front-side bus, and a 65W power envelope. Core 2-derived Pentium E5000 processors all have 2MB of cache, so this is evidently an even cheaper derivative—and since the 2.5GHz Pentium E5200 costs $73 at Newegg right now, the E3200 should fall squarely in dual-core Celeron territory.

In case you're wondering, the fastest dual-core Celeron available today costs $60 and runs at 2.2GHz with 512KB of cache. Alien Babel Tech speculates that the E3200 and potential future members of the E3000 series will come to replace dual-core Celerons altogether.

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