OCZ preps new PSUs with up to 90% rated efficiency

— 10:07 AM on April 3, 2009

These days, many power supply manufacturers boast about their units offering 80% efficiency. OCZ has gone a step further, announcing a new 1kW Z1000 PSU that's received 80 Plus Gold certification—meaning it's supposed to be 90% efficient at "typical load."

The 80 Plus report is up right here (PDF), and indeed, it says the Z1000 was 90.93% efficient at 50% load and 89.46% efficient on average. Even when loaded to a fifth of its capacity, the unit apparently managed a still-impressive 88.23%. OCZ has two other Z-series power supplies up its sleeve, as well: the Z650 (650W) and Z550 (550W). Both of those received 80 Plus Silver certifications, attesting to "typical" efficiency of around 89%. OCZ links the other certification reports in PDF formats from its press release.

The new units aren't coming out just yet—OCZ says the Z series "will be widely available later this spring." All models will have five-year warranty coverage, and OCZ will offer Z1000 variants with both modular and fixed cabling.

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