OCZ displays 1TB SSD, HTPC concept

— 6:00 AM on June 8, 2009

COMPUTEX — Solid-state drive makers usually confine themselves to the 2.5" form factor, since those drives can slip comfortably into netbooks, notebooks, or full-fledged desktops. So does OCZ—usually. At Computex, we got a peek at the firm's upcoming Colossus solid-state drive, which has a 3.5" form factor and a massive 1TB capacity.

OCZ told us the drive works in a RAID-0 configuration internally. That allows it to reach top sustained speeds of 265MB/s for both reads and writes. (The display label under the drive only says 250MB/s, though, somehow.) OCZ uses a JMicron RAID controller and a pair of Indilinx controllers hooked up to the flash.

As you'd expect, this thing won't be cheap. OCZ intends to price the 1TB drive in the $2,500-3,000 range, although a cheaper 500GB variant will also be available.

On an unrelated note, OCZ was also showing off a prototype home-theater PC in its hotel suite:

This machine should feature an Nvidia Ion integrated graphics chipset and a Blu-ray drive. OCZ quoted a $300 price tag, although we didn't get a clear response on whether that price includes Blu-ray or not. Either way, the final product will probably have a different look.

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