Evidence points to cheaper, slim PlayStation 3

— 10:08 AM on August 18, 2009

Just when you thought the console war was dying down, evidence has appeared to suggest a new, slimmer, and cheaper version of the Sony PlayStation 3 will arrive later this month. DailyTech has rounded up some of that evidence, pointing to both FYE and Kmart ads that tease the new console.

The FYE ad simply shows $299.99 and $399.99 price tags for the 80GB and 160GB versions of the PS3, respectively—$100 less than usual. However, a quick visit to K-mart's website reveals this in the front-page ad rotation:

Clicking the ad leads to this listing for a "Sony PS3, SLIM PRESELL 2" priced at $299.99. No pictures or specifications have made their way onto the page yet, but the word "slim" in the title definitely hints to a new version of the console rather than a straight price cut. In any case, Kmart quotes a release date of August 24 (next Monday).

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