Slim PlayStation 3 becomes official

— 5:21 PM on August 18, 2009

Hot on the heels of this morning's Kmart ad, Sony has officially unveiled the new, slim version of its PlayStation 3 console. According to Shacknews, there's only a single unit, and it has a $299 price tag and a 120GB hard drive. Sony has also dropped the prices of the old 80GB and 120GB consoles to $299 and $399, respectively.


You can view more images at both Shacknews and the official PlayStation.Blog Flickr page.

Shacknews notes that the slim PS3 won't support different operating systems—so no Linux. In a separate report, Engadget adds that the new console won't support PlayStation 2 games. On the flip side, power consumption will go down from 280W to 250W, and the weight will drop from 11 lbs to 7 lbs.

Expect to get your hands on the slimmed-down PlayStation 3 in the first week of September.

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