Lynnfield processors arrive at Newegg

— 1:32 AM on September 8, 2009

Ah, aren't hard launches grand. In the old days, you sometimes had to wait weeks before a newly released piece of hardware actually became available. Now, well, things are usually different. Within minutes of us publishing our review of Intel's new Lynnfield processors, a quick peek at Newegg showed the e-tailer already carried all three new CPUs. And it still does:

Pricing isn't too far from Intel's 1,000-unit figures, either, although you have to pay a bit more nonetheless. Intel itself quotes $199, $285, and $555 prices for the i5-750, i7-860, and i7-870, respectively.

Bad news if you want to get your Lynnfield upgrade on the way as quickly as possible, however—we can't seem to find P55 motherboards in the e-tailer's listings just yet. Maybe a little later today.

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