$700 MSI 'nettop' has dual-core Pentium, Nvidia graphics

— 5:22 PM on November 17, 2009

MSI's latest Wind "nettop" doesn't have the looks or software of Apple's iMac, but it's definitely not far from it in terms of hardware. Unlike previous all-in-one nettops, the new Wind AE2220 features a dual-core Pentium T4300 processor clocked at a peppy 2.1GHz. MSI couples the processor with a GeForce 9300 integrated graphics chipset from Nvidia. Best of all, prices start at only $700.

The base Wind AE2200 configuration also features a 21.5" 1920x1080 display, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, a 320GB hard drive, a tray-loading DVD burner, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, and Windows 7 Home Premium. MSI offers a different model that turns the 21.5" display into a multi-touch panel ripe for Windows 7's touch input support.

Folks with a little more cash kicking around can also opt for the high-end AE2220 model, which has a faster, 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo T6600 processor, a 500GB hard drive, and a Blu-ray drive. That last feature is especially noteworthy, since Apple has yet to include Blu-ray drives in any of its systems (despite the popularity of Macs among more affluent users).

MSI tells us Wind AE2220 recommended pricing starts at $750. However, Amazon has already started taking pre-orders for the new Winds, and it offers one of 'em for only $699.99 shipped. The e-tailer also offers the Blu-ray variant for $899.99.

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