Catalyst 10.1 graphics drivers go live

— 4:27 PM on January 27, 2010

AMD has released this year's first batch of Catalyst graphics drivers, showing no signs of veering off its now-traditional monthly release schedule. Downloadable from AMD's Game website, the Catalyst 10.1 release brings small performance improvements in a couple of games and, more importantly, a good number of bug fixes.

According to AMD, users of Radeon HD 5700-series graphics cards can expect frame rate increases of up to 3% in Left 4 Dead 2. Similar gains are in store for Crysis, too—up to 3% for 5700-series cards and 4% for their 5800-series cousins—in case anyone is still playing that game.

On the bug fixes front, AMD provided us with this handy list of highlights:

  • [Catalyst Control Center] The display order will now reflect changes properly when Eyefinity is re-arranged while desktop is rotated to portrait mode
  • Hot unplugging one of the displays in an Eyefinity configuration no longer causes rotation modes to disappear from Catalyst Control Center
  • [Catalyst Control Center] Enabling LCD Overdrive will no longer cause mouse cursor to magnify when moved overtop of the "Calibration Preview"
  • Firefox now works properly and video no longer drop frames when playing Youtube clips with Adobe Flash Player 10
  • [Catalyst Control Center] Newly added custom modes will now appear properly in desktop area tree view
  • Confirmation dialogue window will now appear when setting up Eyefinity mode
  • 120 Hz is no longer missing from display modes for specific digital displays
  • Overscan/underscan issue no longer occurs when setting displays to HDTV modes
  • Performance drop no longer observed during some scenes of Resident Evil 5cinematics
  • Blocky grass and trees no longer visible in Unigine "Heaven" in OpenGL mode
  • You can peruse a more detailed overview of bug fixes and remaining issues by checking out the official release notes in PDF format.

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