TV shows could drop to $1 an episode on iTunes

— 11:17 AM on February 11, 2010

Apple may have strayed from flat 99-cent pricing for songs, but TV shows may soon drop to that level. According to the Financial Times, Apple may start charging $1 for episodes on iTunes as soon as the iPad becomes available at retail.

The Financial Times quotes "people familiar with the discussions" as saying Apple will drop pricing for only some shows; reportedly, the endeavor will be an experiment meant to determine whether lower pricing will spur demand. An anonymous executive from a U.S. media firm told the paper, "If you move five times the volume [of sales] at half the price, it's a good idea . . . The argument for holding the line gets bad quickly."

The article doesn't say which shows or which networks have agreed to participate in the experiment, however—only that some execs claim Apple hasn't approached them about the reduced pricing.

As we reported at the time, Apple intends to make the iPad available two months after the official January 27 unveiling. Users will be able to purchase songs, movies, and shows from the iTunes Store right on the device.

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