Obsidian 800D case gets a younger sibling

— 6:00 AM on February 18, 2010

Corsair's Obsidian Series 800D is a formidable enclosure—we found that out first hand when reviewing the case last November—but its perks come with a hefty price tag: $289.99 at Newegg right now. Luckily for the less wealthy among us, Corsair has announced the Obsidian Series 700D, a very similar product that's missing some of the features responsible for the 800D's onerousness.

Corsair says the Obsidian Series 700D trades its big brother's hot-swap Serial ATA hard drive bays for a set of fixed, internal bays, all the while replacing the side window with a solid side panel. And that's about it; other features are supposed to be the same.

That means the 700D still has five 5.25" and six 3.5" drive bays, a removable CPU backplate, support for a "triple 120mm radiator," an elaborate cable management system, an elephantine footprint, and a sleek, black finish both inside and out, as the images in the gallery below should attest.

Corsair hasn't announced a price for this puppy just yet, but it's probably a safe bet the 700D will cost less than $290. The company expects resellers to start carrying the new enclosure some time in April.

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